Clean room applications are setting high standards and demands to the mold maker. Braunform incorporates its whole expertise in the field of clean room production in its MED Mold®. This is where pharmaceutical and technology know-how meet in order to avoid any contamination of the plastic products for our demanding customers.

Braunform relies on a series of technologies and measures to achieve this goal safely. Highest process accuracy guarantees our customers maximum security for their sophisticated production, e. g. for

Drug Delivery Systems

  • (Respiratory) inhalation systems
  • Oral sprays and sprayer systems
  • Ophthalmic / otologic and Nasal sprays and dispensing systems
  • Injection & safety devices, e. g. closures / luers for syringes

Medical & Laboratory Devices

  • Port systems
  • Components of infusion systems: stop-cock, flowcontroller
  • Diagnostic requirements: test tubes, well-plates, other laboratory requirements
  • Medical closures
Detail of an electrode | © Braunform GmbH
Research & Development

Craftsmanship combined with perfectly mastered technique enables us to achieve top performance in all areas of plastics technology.

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Bowling with razor | © Braunform GmbH

Impressive projects and satisfied customers. This is what we use all our know-how for and constantly take on new challenges.

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Trade fairs & Events

Always be informed in which direction Braunform is developing and visit our regular events.

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