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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and sustainability


The topic of sustainability is currently omnipresent – and with good reason. Sustainable goals have been firmly anchored in Braunform`s corp...
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Moldmaking lessons learnt from Braunform's 40-ye...


Success can be elusive, especially among small to mid-sized plastics processors and moldmakers.
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Mould house earns German award as leading employ...


Mould maker and accessory supplier Braunform has announced that it received Germany’s “Top Job” award as one of the best employers in the co...
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Complex slider mould developed for automotive le...


Braunform has developed a highly complex, mechanical slider mould for a lever application, which is manufactured by a well-known automobile...
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Highly complex, mechanical slider mold for lever


If consumers have highest expectations in a premium-category car, the precision requirements already start at the mold shop. Therefore Braun...
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96 kavitets medicovaerktoj


Danish press comment regarding K show 2013.
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Rotary table concept for multi-component tools


The rotary table concept of Braunform GmbH offers many advantages to customers. While the “Braunform classic line” offers the best value for...
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High-volume mould with quick stroke


Braunform, together with its partners Hekuma and Engel, plans to present a high cavitation injection mould said to have a very short cycle t...
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96-cavity high-speed injection mold for needle h...


Together with its project partners Hekuma and ENGEL, Braunform has developed a high cavitation injection mold with a very short cycle time (...
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