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During these weeks the Braunform success story already runs 35 years. Due to the strength of purpose and the vision of the family owned company, Braunform is one of the leading manufacturers of injection molds and clean room products in Europe today. Located in Bahlingen in the southwest of Germany the company employs 280 people. The driving forces of the Braunform success story are the continuous development of technology to highest complexity, future-orientated investments into machinery and infrastructure as well as the enormous know-how of each individual employee.

„If you can dream it, you can do it.” (Walt Disney) – Visionary thinking associated with huge willpower is the basis for the life’s work of Erich Braun. Since 1977 injection molds are built for    

well-known costumers of the consumer, automotive and entertainment industry. Due to rapid growth of the Braunform business, the company moves to its current location. From that moment Braunform GmbH was able to offer its customers the option for complete service: development and production of injection molds as well as the production of plastic parts with fully automated assembly lines. Based on profound experiences in pharma technology a standard for cleanroom compatible injection molds, the MED Mold®-standard, is developed in 2010.

In 2007 Braunform achieved an outstanding example for its performance: Winner of the award “Excellence in Production” (Tool manufacturer of the year 2007) in the category “External mold shop with more than 100 employees”. The broad diversification, an outstanding technology center and an effective process management had been the decisive criteria to win this prize. The wide range of customers guaranteed a certain independence of economic conditions and obtains internal synergy effects.

Today Braunform customizes special solutions for industries that are very ambitious e. g. the pharmaceutical, consumer and hygiene industry as long as the automotive and electrical sector. Due to the excellent know how of the Braunform specialists in material, process and production details customers could involve them already in a very early stage of development. Highest quality demands that depend on injection molds “made in Germany” are the arguments for global players to have long-standing business relationships. On the other side flat hierarchies and quick decision-making processes of the family owned, middle sized company stand for secure and cost-effective concepts.

Recently, as a result of the positive course of business Braunform has increasingly invested in new technologies: A new state-of-the-art milling center and an extension building to the Quality Assurance department. The implementation of central ERP software throughout the whole organization reflects the clear objective of optimizing the customer focus. During the second Braunform technology day in summer over 70 participants from all over Europe could locally convince themselves of these changes. 

In order to reduce the consequences of demographic change and the shortage of skilled personnel connected with this issue, Braunform pursues the topic “Employer Branding”. The communication in the social web e. g. on facebook, as long as the cooperation with different kind of schools and educational institutions is part of this project. In the top management the next generation is already implemented: Pamela Braun, Daughter of Erich Braun, runs the company together with him as General Manager.

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