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Wolfram Hodapp retires


After almost 9 years in the logistics department of Braunform GmbH, Wolfram Hodapp is going into well-deserved retirement.

Mr. Hodapp started as a warehouse logistics specialist at the site in Bahlingen and took on the position of team leader a few years later. His expertise and leadership skills have contributed significantly to efficiency and smooth processes in logistics.

During his time as team leader in Bahlingen, Mr. Hodapp provided important impulses for the optimization of logistics processes. After years of dedicated work, he finally moved to the logistics department at the production site in Endingen as team leader, where he also had a positive influence on the processes.

"Wolfram Hodapp has significantly shaped the logistics department with his expertise and commitment. We would like to thank him warmly for his valuable contributions, his absolute reliability and collegiality and wish him all the best for his retirement," said owner Pamela Braun and General Manager Emmanuel Foyer.

The colleagues at Braunform GmbH would also like to thank Wolfram for their time together and wish him all the best for this new chapter in his life.

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