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Vocational orientation offer in online format

Breaking new ground


The Corona pandemic has drastically changed everyday life in many companies. The situation on the training market is also worsening. But it is not just the number of training places on offer that is falling, there is also a shortage of applicants. According to the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), the number of new training contracts concluded in 2020 was 11.0% lower than a year earlier. At 467,500, it was below 500,000 in Germany for the first time (2019: 525,000).

Despite all this, the topic of training continues to be an important pillar for counteracting the shortage of skilled workers. Since important sources of information such as training fairs and career orientation days, as well as internal events such as training days, trial internships and Girls' Days, are not currently taking place, those responsible have now strike a new path – a virtual career presentation of technical apprenticeships at Braunform GmbH.

With this new virtual format, the family-owned company wants to address the next generation of trainees and thus support them in the formative decision of their career choice. "If teaching in schools is becoming more and more digital, companies should also become so when it comes to providing students with career information," says HR Manager Oliver Bornhäuser.

In a personal video conference with presentations on the training occupations of tool mechanic, process mechanic, mechatronics engineers and specialist for warehouse logistics, interested parties can get in touch with the technical training manager and HR manager conveniently from home and gain first-hand experience. Questions are answered directly afterwards via live chat. "That's a bit more personal than searching for suitable training positions on the Internet," adds Bornhäuser. In addition, niche occupations in mold making and plastics technology in particular do not have a comparable level of awareness, such as a mechatronics engineers or commercial alternatives. The trial balloon will be launched on February 17, 2021 with all interested students and parents.

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