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Two long-standing employees of Braunform GmbH are celebrated for their loyalty and engagement


Pierre Dumont, a valued member of the cleaning team at Braunform GmbH, is celebrating 25 years of employment. He provides a clean and comfortable working atmosphere in the company every day. He is a true master in his profession and his careful and precise way of working is a real model for all those who work in this area. His friendly and dependable character has made him popular and appreciated by his colleagues and the management. Mr. Dumont praises the good contact with other employees in the company as well as with the owner family Braun. In his free time, he enjoys a typically French hobby: playing boules. Every Friday, he meets up with other boules fans in a regional town and plays with them for points and fun. Pamela Braun, owner and managing director, praises Dumont for his reliability and his valuable contribution to the company.

Tobias Dietrich, another valued employee of Braunform GmbH, is celebrating his 30th jubilee. In his impressive career, he has specialized in surface and profile grinding and has been working in this field since the beginning of his career. Over the past three decades, he has continuously worked to improve the quality of the products and increase the efficiency of the processes. His tireless work and commitment have contributed to Braunform`s leading position in the industry today. Pamela Braun thanks him for his hard work and congratulates him on his jubilee.

Braunform GmbH, which now employs 380 people, attaches great importance to the qualifications and further training of its employees as well as to independent action. The loyalty of the employees, some of whom have been with the company for decades, is the result of a strategy of continuity, fairness, loyalty and reliability on the part of the family-run company. These two anniversaries are proof of the successful implementation of this strategy.

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