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Training successfully completed


Braunform is proud of the successful completion of three talented trainees. After several years of intensive training, Leon Engler, Jonas Haas and Lars Schwörer have successfully passed their final exams as tool mechanics. They are now ready to continue their careers at Braunform, as all three have been offered permanent employment.

Leon Engler has specialised in the milling department and Jonas Haas has started in the die-sinking and surface grinding department - both at the Bahlingen site. Lars Schwörer has joined the Maintenance team in the Pharma Production department at the Endingen plant. Congratulations to all of them!

"We are very proud of our trainees and their achievements," says Urs Breitenbach, Head of Technical Training. "Their hard work and commitment have paid off and we look forward to supporting them in the next phase of their of their careers at Braunform."

Braunform is known for its strong commitment to training young professionals and sees this success as confirmation of its efforts. The company looks forward to continuing to invest in the training and development of its employees and looks forward to the contributions these young professionals will make in the years to come.

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