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Successful final exam


Learning has paid off: Four out of a total of 40 trainees have successfully passed their final exams after the three-and-a-half-year training period. Due to the different duration of the apprenticeships, the final exams are held in the spring and late spring of each year. The management of Braunform GmbH congratulates the newly qualified specialists on reaching this milestone.

As qualified specialists all doors are open for their future. The tool mechanics David Treffeisen, Nichita Bacumenco and Noah Reinbold will continue their careers at Braunform and initially strengthen the business units modification and repair department, turning and technology center. Sebastian Lay (mechatronics engineers) is leaving the company to pursue a new challenge. Braunform wishes Sebastian all the best for his future.

On the part of the specialist departments, the interest in junior staff from their own ranks is very high due to the solid education they have received. "The expertise they have acquired during their training has made them to important pillars of the company," says Pamela Braun, owner and managing director. The company is especially pleased with David Treffeisen, who received an award from the vocational school. David will support the modification and repair department, which has already been implemented in the mold shop since 2012, and will gain his first professional experience in the areas of final mold assembly and optimization of new molds. This division offers maximum flexibility to the maintenance service, which is focused on short response and processing times.

The regional medium-sized company knows how important a good and secure future perspective is for the young generation and invests in its training, especially in difficult times. Since its beginnings as a training company, more than 250 skilled workers have successfully completed their training and have been taken on in an area of application.

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