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New Makino machining center

Braunform sets a new quality benchmark with the help of a Makino-5-axis control machining center


As one of the first of the industry Braunform is working with the vertical 5-axes-highprecision-machining center V33i-5XB of the manufacturer MAKINO which considers both precision- and productivity aspects. To completely satisfy the special needs the machine was individually configured by the Braunform technology team.  

The high-speed machine with a spindle speed of 40.000 rotations per minute operates 90 % of its capacity milling granitic electrodes and the other 10 % HSC-milling of steel. Due to a special extraction of granitic dust the removal is possible without contamination. The 120-slot tool changer guaranties a high range of tools which avoids frequent changeovers and extends the machine running time. The tooling costs are also 15 – 20 % lower as a result of the optimal machining strategy milling with 5 axes.

The system enables a multilateral processing of technical and optical sophisticated electrodes with hard reachable areas and free formed surfaces due to the five axes. Thereby not only the set-up time is reduced by 30 – 40 % but also the machine runs automatically, without an operator. As a result personal capacities are released. The utilization of the machine is about 20-22 hours per day, seven days a week.

Another aspect is the precision of the surface processing of electrodes: Due to excellent rotational characteristics and highest thermal stability it is possible to mill surface without any unevenness in an accuracy of up to ≤ +/- 3 µ. Based on a high precision and the best contour accuracy the erosion process obtains optimal starting conditions which avoid manual rework.

Technical facts:

Makino V33i-5XB | MAKINO PRO5-control (FANUC-based)
paths of traverse: X=650 mm , Y=325 mm , Z=350 mm , B=130°(-20° until +110°) , C=360°
spindel speed: 40000/min HSK E32
tool change: 120-fach
work piece change: Erowa Robot Compact , 88 electrodes ITS 50 , 10 work pieces ITS148

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