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Loyal to the milling department for 40 years


Walter Steinel can celebrate a very special jubilee: The tool specialist has been working at Braunform for 40 years - in one and the same department. With calm, prudence and a lot of patience he has milled hundreds of molded parts and components for injection molds over the years, whose products each of us knows from his daily life. He has been proving his strengths in this field every day for decades. For this reason, the management of Braunform GmbH would like to thank him for his many years of commitment, reliability and loyalty to the company. "We are very proud to have employees in our ranks who have been loyal to our company for many years," says managing director Pamela Braun and adds "because continuity and loyality are not a matter of course in our fast-moving times“.

Qualified employees are indispensable in order to remain competitive in the future. For this reason, internal training measures play an important role at Braunform even after training. The medium-sized company places maximum emphasis on the satisfaction and loyality of the existing employee base with the company. As an owner-managed family business, Braunform stands for continuity, fairness, loyality and reliability.

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