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Jubilee with 30 years of seniority

Siegfried Obert, assembly operator at Braunform GmbH, celebrates his 30 years of seniority.


When it comes to the final assembly of injection molds, Siegfried Obert is an institution at Braunform. Over the years he has installed hundreds of injection molds, whose products each one of us knows from his daily life, with calm, prudence and patience. He likes to share his experience and expertise in his field with younger colleagues. The management as well as Head of Finance and HR Oliver Bornhäuser thank him for his loyalty, his absolute reliability and collegiality. “Nowadays, it is a special feature to work successfully in the same company for more than 30 years”, so Klaus Bühler. And Erich Braun, Founder of Braunform GmbH adds: ”Especially the experience of our long-term employees is of great importance for our company".

At Braunform GmbH, which now employs more than 350 people, employees' qualifications and further training as well as self-responsibility are of highest priority. The employees of Braunform GmbH have been loyal to the company for decades. This is the success of a strategy of continuity, fairness, loyalty and reliability.

Siegfried Obert successfully completed his training as a mechanic on 12.02.1981. Six years later he started his career at Braunform in the department of jig grinding, from which he changed nearly one year later to the assembly of injection molds. Over the years, he has been able to establish himself as an important supporter of the team due to his growing experience. Siegfried Obert was able to acquire a special know-how in the electrical, automotive and pharmaceutical technology sectors. The mold specialist is a reliable and loyal support of the company and has become indispensable as a carrier of know-how.

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