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Honor for 25 years of seniority


In July 2021, the management of Braunform GmbH honored Patrick Kurz for his special commitment: He has been loyal to the company for 25 years.

Such a long seniority stands for a high level of loyalty, but also for motivation and enthusiasm for the work. "Especially in our fast-moving times, employees who have been loyal to our company for years are of immense value to us because of their many years of experience," says Pamela Braun, owner and managing director. She explains that employees like Patrick Kurz are the foundation of the company's success. Erich Braun, founder of the family business, also personally thanked the jubilarian once again for his commitment, absolute reliability and collegiality.

At Braunform GmbH, which now is with 380 employees, qualification and further training as well as self-responsibility are of highest priority. Many of the employees of Braunform GmbH are loyal to the company for decades. This is the success of a strategy of continuity, fairness, loyalty and reliability.

Patrick Kurz has been working in the purchasing department since the beginning of his employment in 1996. He initially worked as a commercial employee, until 10 years later, due to his extensive experience and sovereign manner, he took over the management of the purchasing and logistics departments and thus has overall responsibility for the materials management area under him to this day. The passionate sportsman competes in sporting events for the Braunform team, among others, and is also very active in mountain biking.

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