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Cornelia Kij - well-deserved retirement after 24 years


After Cornelia Kij saw an advertisement in the regional newspaper "Badische Zeitung", she joined the company on October 1, 1999. Now, after 24 years at Braunform, she is taking her well-deserved retirement. In all these years, she has enriched the quality assurance and commitment, where she was responsible for conducting GMP training courses, supervising clean room monitoring, preparing customer certificates, and checking incoming goods, among other things.

She was part of a team of 17 dedicated colleagues with whom she always worked very well and in a spirit of trust. In addition to her professional activities, she also cultivated her personal interests such as reading, cycling, playing the piano, and going for walks, which provided her with a healthy balance to her working life.

Cornelia Kij particularly appreciated the harmonious and respectful relationship between superiors and employees as well as the unforgettable events that Braunform had organized over the years.

On February 26, 2024, she was warmly thanked by the owner Pamela Braun and General Manager Emmanuel Foyer for her many years of loyalty and her commitment to the company. The colleagues at Braunform GmbH would also like to thank Cornelia for their time together and wish her all the best for this new chapter in her life.

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