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By donating to social organisations, Braunform is foregoing Christmas presents and sending a signal of solidarity


Braunform, a leading supplier of injection moulding solutions from Bahlingen and Endingen a. K, has once again decided to forego sending Christmas presents to its customers this year and instead donate to socially committed organisations. In this way, the company is continuing a tradition that it has maintained for several years.

Managing Director and owner Pamela Braun expresses her gratitude for the good cooperation with the company's customers and emphasises that it is important for the company to show solidarity and compassion in these difficult times and to help people in the region who are in need of support.

This year, Braunform has donated to two organisations that provide dedicated care for people affected by illness or disability: Haus Johannes - Caritasverband Freiburg-Stadt e. V. in Bahlingen a. K. and Villa Schwobthaler e. V. in Endingen a. K.

Haus Johannes is a residential and care facility for people with severe physical and mental disabilities. The residents are cared for and supported individually according to their needs and abilities. In addition, Haus Johannes offers daytime activities, leisure and socialising.

Villa Schwobthaler e. V. is a non-profit organisation that runs a residential community for people with dementia in Endingen. Support and care are provided by a team of professionals and volunteers who organise a structured daily routine and individual activities for the residents. The Villa Schwobthaler e.V. association was founded in 2010 and has over 100 members. The association is also responsible for public relations, acquiring donations and networking with other institutions.

Braunform donated 1.500 euros each to both organisations to support and honour their valuable work. "We hope that our donations will help the residents of the homes to experience a little more quality of life and joy," says Pamela Braun. "We are proud to be part of a social and responsible community."

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