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2023 – the year of long-term anniversaries

Once again honor for 25 years employment with the company Braunform GmbH


Evelyn Kreuzer is a long-standing employee who has actively experienced and helped shape the technical development of the company. As an experienced technical draughtswoman, she is proficient in various CAD systems and is always up to date with the latest innovations. She is not only responsible for creating and checking design drawings and parts lists, but also ensures the quality of the drawings required for production. She creates user manuals and tool data for customers for all orders, whether new or old. She is the person to contact when searching for information on past orders that are stored on microfilm, in the archive or on old drives, for example. This is a great advantage for customers who need information about tools that were manufactured decades ago. "Only with continuity, creativity and a lot of heart can you keep reinventing yourself over the years," says Pamela Braun, owner and managing director.

Braunform GmbH is a typical example of the success story of many companies in Baden. Over the course of its history, the medium-sized company has developed from a craft business into a high-tech company in the field of mould making and plastics technology with an international outlook. With a modern training centre, experienced trainers, cross-departmental projects and training tailored to each individual personality, Braunform offers an ideal framework for the start of a career. Internal further training programmes also play an important role after the apprenticeship.

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