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Jubilees with 40 / 25 years of seniority


In September 2019, the management honored the four jubilars for their years of commitment: Henry Breisacher and Klaus Bühler, each with 40 years4, Sonja Kipper and Frank Haag, each with 25 years Today, being successful for years in one and the same company is a special feature. All the more so when the employees who have celebrated their jubilees have shown loyalty to the company since their training. The management would like to thank each individual for their loyalty to the company and their special commitment. "What holds Braunform together as a functioning unit is the loyalty of its employees," says owner and managing director Pamela Braun.

Qualified employees are indispensable in order to remain competitive in the future. Because of this, internal training measures play an important role at Braunform even after training. The medium-sized company places maximum emphasis on the satisfaction and loyality of the existing employee base with the company. As an owner-managed family business, Braunform stands for continuity, fairness, loyalty and reliability.

Personal data:

Henry Breisacher


Since starting his career at Braunform in 1979, Henry Breisacher was been emloyeed in the eroding until he took over the management oft he sinker EDM and wire EDM divisions . He played a decisive role in shaping this departments. In 1994 the tool specialist made his master before he stared his additional role as Deputy production manager oft he mold shop. Since several years is now responsible as production manager for the so-called production area 2, namely the areas modifications/repairs/spare parts as well as laser welding and beam technology, for the development of which he is significantly responsible. Colleagues and superiors appreciate his high professional competence, his calm and serious character garnished with a healthy pinch of humor.


Klaus Bühler


Klaus Bühler has started his carrer with Braunform at 01.09.1979 with his training as a toolmaker. He finished and completed his training in 1993 with a master’s examination. After passing through various departments of the company, Mr. Bühler was granted power of attorney in 2001 and has been responsible for the areas of design and development as well as project management since 2008. In 2015, he became a member of the management board of Braunform GmbH and is primarily responsible for the mold making division.


Sonja Kipper


In 1994, Sonja Kipper has stared her training to Industrial management assistant- at that time still with typewriters and first computers. After successful completion, she was employed directly in the financial accounting department. However, she was later appointed to the HR department. Due to her growing experience, the personnel officer was able to establish herself as an important support in the team and is primarily responsible for recruiting as well as wages and salaries. As a commercial training manager, she is also intensively involved in the training of the young talents. Because they shape the future of the family-run company.


Frank Haag


Frank Haag also completed his training as a toolmaker at Braunform GmbH. Since his training, Mr. Haag is a member of the milling team and a reliable specialist in the field of 5-axis machines. For example, he was significantly involved in the introduction of 5-axis machines and external programming with Hyper Mill. Calm and specialist knowledge distinguish him as a valued colleague, which is also reflected in the fact that he is a member of the company's works council.

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