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3,500 € for charitable projects


This year once again the General Management of Braunform GmbH supports charitable projects and nonprofit associations. Suggestions for this came from the immediate environment of the employees with projects that are close to their hearts. The responsibles couple the sponsoring amount to the kilometers run by employees at the Freiburg Marathon 2016. Due to one marathon runner, nine half-marathon runners as well as four 10 km runners, the management increases the budget to 3,500 €.

A committee of management and employee representatives has established the following distribution:
•    The association for children with cancer in Freiburg receives a donation of 2,000 €. It supports families with children with cancer and also the care and treatment of children.
•    A crèche nearby is supported with a donation of 500 € for the child care of under 3-year-old children. They look after a total of 50 children in mixed-age groups at two locations.
•    A kindergarten nearby receives a donation of 500 €, to extends the outdoor area by a sandpit with a fountain.
•    The RSC Bulls Bahlingen will be supported with 500 € for the promotion of young talents.

As a regional SME Braunform assumes its social and cultural responsibility to its employees and the society. The health of our staff and social commitment are important elements of this responsibility. The company acts according to the motto "Responsibility is not a one-way street, it is always a successful balance of give and take."

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