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Support of social organizations

– Braunform donates 7.500 €


Once again Braunform has decided to donate to socially engaged organizations instead of sending Christmas presents to customers. This year, the company supports repeatedly the association for children with cancer e. V. in Freiburg with the sum of 1,500 €. Furthermore, the University Hospital in Freiburg receives 1.500 € for their project „Tigerheart… if parents have cancer“.

Since 1980 the association for children with cancer cares about the concerns and needs of families with a diseased child: meanwhile, the family home with its family oriented conception belongs to one of the most renowned contact points in Germany. It integrates a station for siblings care, social service and as well a contact point for orphaned parents who recently lost a child. The project “Tigerheart … if parents have cancer” is a place, created and supported by the psychosocial cancer consultation, who offers children, teenagers and their affected families, support in form of consultation where they can play  together and talk about their fears and worries.

Together with Braunform`s HR and marketing team, the management annually supports various projects proposed by employees with the amount of 3,500 €. This year, the committee of management and works council has decided to donate 2.000 € for the association for children with cancer. With the donation of 500 €, the St. Katharinen Kindergarten in Wyhl will build a sandpit with a fountain for the kids. Also 500 € were invested for the support of the childcare of the crèche in Oberrotweil. The benefaction of 500 € for the RSC Bulls Bahlingen will support the encouragement of the youth. The local music club of Bahlingen appreciates the donation of 1.000 €, which helped them to invest in a new euphonium for their youth orchestra.

The social position “Braunform – we act” is very important for the company and also this year anchored in the company´s policy. As a regional medium-sized enterprise, the company assumes its social and cultural responsibility to its employees and the society. Key elements of this responsibility include, inter alia, the well-being and the health of the staff but also the social commitment. “The support of regional organizations and associations is close to our hearts. It’s important for us not to lose sight of a company's social responsibilities”, emphasizes Managing Director Pamela Braun.

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