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Between lecture hall and workshop


In addition to eight training occupations in the technical and commercial fields, Braunform GmbH also offers two dual courses of study: a technical orientation in the field of mechanical engineering with a specialization in plastics technology and business administration with a specialization in industry. Timo (25 years old) is currently completing his dual degree in the Bachelor of Engineering (m/f) in order to deepen his knowledge of the training period.

With the goal of furthering his professional education, Timo decided to take this degree course after successfully completing his training as a technical product designer. The unique advantage lies in the combination of theory at the university and practice in the company. This form of study makes it possible to gain significant work experience throughout the entire study period. In a three-month rhythm, DH students commute between the lecture hall and the workshop.

Based on the practical phases, theoretical and methodological contents as well as basic knowledge in mathematics, mechanics and material science are taught at the university. After completing the undergraduate studies, knowledge in thermodynamics, physics, business administration, project management or plastics engineering will be gained. Focus areas such as tool design, project planning or plastics processing are being intensified in the last few semesters. Language courses complete the offer. In addition to examinations in the individual subjects, a total of three study papers (seminar papers) are written in the practical semesters, two during the theory phases and most recently the bachelor thesis, which forms the conclusion of the study.

Lectures in small groups with about 30 students offer optimal learning conditions and there is a good solidarity. Even the direct contact with the lecturers is a significant advantage”, says Timo.

At the beginning of the study there is a basic course in metal (as with all technical trainees). Here the basic craft skills of metalworking and processing are learned from the bottom up. During later practice phases at Braunform, Timo gets insights into various departments such as design, manufacturing, project management, sales, quality assurances or production, to get to know basic processes. In addition to the day-to-day business, the theoretically learned material is implemented in a practical project.

“The dual study requires a lot of work. The theory phases follow a tight schedule so a good time management and self-discipline are hugely important in overcoming the amount of learning material”, says the dual student. “For me personally it helps enormously to deal with the matter. The practicality and the variety also motivate me”, he adds.


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