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Jubilee with 30 years of seniority

Hans Werner Tontsch has been loyal to the company for 30 years


These days Hans Werner Tontsch looks back on 30 years at Braunform. Company founder Erich Braun insisted on thanking the jubilee for his loyalty, reliability and collegiality personally. "In the first conversation, I quickly realized that Mr. Tontsch is enriching our company because of his experience. “So he was hired without further ado”, he remembers with pleasure. Today, the tool specialist has become indispensable as a solid support. It is always a deep concern to pass on his knowledge to younger colleagues. Due to his long long-term commitment, he has decisively influenced the development in his production process.

At Braunform GmbH, which now is with 375 employees, qualification and further training as well as self-responsibility are of highest priority. Many of the employees of Braunform GmbH are loyal to the company for decades. This is the success of a strategy of continuity, fairness, loyalty and reliability.

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