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Jubilee with 40 years of seniority

Roland Roser looks back on 40 years Braunform.


After the company recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, the management now honors the first employee for 40 years of seniority. As the most senior employee, Roland Roser has witnessed the founding and growth of the company and has shaped the technological progress. Company founder Erich Braun, Managing Director Klaus Bühler as well as Head of Finance and HR Oliver Bornhäuser thank the jubilee for his long-time commitment and loyalty. "Technology is a great deal. But without people it is nothing. ", knows Erich Braun. "For this reason we particularly appreciate the solidarity and dedication of long-term employees," he adds.

At Braunform GmbH, which now employs more than 350 people, employees' qualifications and further training as well as self-responsibility are of highest priority. The employees of Braunform GmbH have been loyal to the company for decades. This is the success of a strategy of continuity, fairness, loyalty and reliability.

Roland Roser successfully completed his training as a toolmaker in 1975. After his apprenticeship diploma he looks for a new challenge and found it in the injection mold assembly at Braunform. He started with the personnel number 007, which he calls his own since the beginning. After 25 years, it was once again the desire for something new, so that he came into the design department as a technical draftsman. In addition to his daily work, he is responsible for the implementation and documentation of our internal standard. Furthermore, he was one of the first employee, next to the department manager, who has worked on the highly complex 3D CAD program ProE. His strengths, which are reflected, among other things, in his calm and balanced nature, has been proving once more every day for 40 years. The family man spends most of his free time hiking in nature.


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