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With the innovative mold-shop and a deep understanding of technology as a starting point, it is also the value-added services related to the mold that represents the difference for customers of Braunform.

These additional services are included as standard in the quotation or offered to customers as extra options. The goal is to make the service package more transparent for the partners. The customer should exactly know what he receives for his investment. What kind of performance they can expect from Braunform as standard without additional costs and what other additional options he can order. Input from many discussions with customers has been taken to develop these targeted services.

It is standard to analyze existing article data during design phase in regard to a design that considers the needs of the mold and production. Beside a further risk minimization by Mold-Flow filling simulation, optimal industrialized manufacturing solutions can be guaranteed. The complete documentation (incl. CE marking) and a lettering of the mold parts is included in the standard.

In addition to analyzing the articles in regard to the needs of the mold and production, optimization possibilities were specifically developed to improve product design for subsequent series production. Here the expertise of toolmaking and plastics processing needs to be integrated with the idea of an industrialized manufacturing solution. The article data are subject to change based on a joint agreement and demarcation of responsibilities. Upon completion and approval of the revised data, the customer receives a documentation of the changes.

In the Braunform technology center the ideal injection molding process is determined based on statistical methods and experiments step by step. Using software solutions from AST ideal parameter sets for the melting treatment, the injection and holding pressure behavior are analyzed systematically.

Based on the product drawing initial sample inspection reports (ISIR) are created. Therein amongst others the testing methodology will be noted, the documentation will be adapted, the article drawing is marked, measuring programs are created and parts are measured. Together with the ISIR the number of the measured critical dimensions is determined together with the customer. Over a defined period samples are taken, the agreed dimensions are measured and the cpk value is determined. 

A CT measurement can cover further services, such as target/actual comparison between the CAD model and the 3D model of the reconstructed CT data, the conversion of a 3D model in a 3D CAD model as well as a defect and failure analysis.

In cooperation with the customer measuring devices are designed and built for the later measurement.

The aim is to offer customers a product that increases the effectiveness of his production and ensures that the end product - the plastic part - meets the quality requirements. As owners of the company, Erich and Pamela Braun are dedicated to this goal. Especially in Europe this holistic quality is inevitable.

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