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Jubilees with 25 / 30 years of seniority

together they can look back on 115 years


Rainer Binder (25 years of seniority), Alfred Schmidt, Rainer Schweizer, Gerd Heizmann (each 30 years of seniority)

Nowadays, it is a special feature to work successfully in the same company for more than 25 or even 30 years. Especially if the jubilees prove loyalty to the company since their training. The management thanked everyone for their "personal commitment and solidarity to the company".

At Braunform GmbH, which now employs more than 320 people, employees' qualifications and further training as well as self-responsibility are of paramount importance. The employees of Braunform GmbH have been loyal to the company for decades. This is the success of a strategy of continuity, fairness, loyalty and reliability of the family-run company.

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