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"Braunform – we move" – Health Day with numerous campaigns for employees

First Braunform Health Day was a great success


As a regional medium-sized company, Braunform is aware of its social and cultural responsibility towards its employees and society. The well-being and health of employees are immensely important elements of this responsibility. The company's HR marketing team has set up the first "Braunform Health Day" in order to support this from the company's side as well. In cooperation with health partners, a wide range of interesting events and various health checks were offered. Valuable tips for more well-being were conveyed and healthy rules of conduct were suggested. All employees had the opportunity to organize their own individual health day. The success can be seen in almost 150 booked individual appointments on this one day.

With the back check, for example, the holding power of the abdominal and back muscles could be measured. In addition to the force values, the relationship between the back and abdominal muscles was also evaluated. In the following consultation the experts gave tips for a trained trunk musculature. A stress test, using the determination of an index, provided information on possible deviations of cardiac activity from the normal state. Practical tips for coping with stress were mentioned in the individual coaching. The so-called "Vital Check" was also well attended: during this all-round check, important vital values were measured and assessed by a specialist. An analysis of important blood values by a blood withdrawal was offered with the possibility of a later discussion of the results as well as recommended measures. 

The "Active Workshop" was just right for all employees who wanted to become active themselves or try out new things. With a focus on strengthening the back and abdominal muscles, physiotherapists showed the participants the correct use of devices such as the Thera-Band and Flexi-Bar. To round off the health day, fruit and water were available in the kitchens and canteens.

For all those who came to work by bicycle on that day, there was an additional action: they could take part in a tombola. The same applied to smokers who had given up cigarettes.

The company health system, which is supported by the initiative "Braunform – we move", is very important to Braunform. Therefore, the company regularly offers voluntary campaigns, be it skin cancer screening, vaccination campaigns, back courses or driving safety training. Sport offers or training groups in running or cycling also enjoy great popularity.

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