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Trainees of Braunform GmbH passed their exams successfully


At the end of this year the General Management graduates two trainees for their successful finished three years training period: Celine Bergmann (Industrial Clerk) and Steven Koschella (Process Mechanic). Both trainees received a price from vocational school or Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Both graduates will be taken over in an employment after their apprenticeship. They will gain their first work experience in two different company divisions. Celine Bergmann will gain her first experience in human resource department and Steven Koschella in quality assurance.  As skilled workers they will find all doors open for their future and we are grateful for their support.

The sector training has a long tradition at Braunform as the company invests in its future since many years by offering various training occupations in the technical and commercial field. Since the beginning as a company that takes on trainees, already more than 150 qualified employees finished their apprenticeship successfully and could be taken over in a field of application afterwards.

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