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New Corporate Design

Complete relaunch of the corporate look with print documents, website and corporate film.


With the complete revision of all corporate design elements Braunform supports its strategic orientation as a recognized innovation leader in mold and plastics technology. The brand Braunform implies over 35 years of "maximum customer benefit - through our expertise, the engagement of our employees and our passion for innovation," says managing director Erich Braun with pride. The revision of the appearance was a logical consequence of the continued growth and positive development in recent years.

As the new key visual the red dot of the previous Braunform-Logo is used in form of a three-dimensional red ball, which runs through all the imagery. The central CD-colors are the "Braunform Blue", which again can be found in numerous design fields, and a dark red as an accent color.

The new corporate design has been introduced gradually in all communication levels since October 2013. In addition to a new corporate brochure and an image film the completely redesigned website provides highest user friendliness and serves information for both customers and suppliers, as well as for potential applicants.

Even the booth for international trade fairs, print and online ads as well as presentations have been adapted step by step to the new layout. The entire project tooks approximately 1 year: from the initial idea, through the development, to the implementation.

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