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Construction of a new building

in Endingen (Kaiserstuhl)


Bahlingen, Germany: Braunform GmbH – Construction of a new building for the business unit of plastics and pharmaceutical production, including clean rooms, in Endingen approx. 7 kilometres to Bahlingen - Due to strategic considerations as well as an increased space requirement of the Bahlinger company the owners and managers came to the decision to relocate the division plastics and pharmaceutical production.

Braunform GmbH is one of the leading companies in its industry and internationally successful. By expanding Braunform will provide its customers and partners long-term perspectives and sufficient room for upcoming developments. Due to the continuous, healthy growth of the medium-sized company with about 300 employees, the choice of structural expansion of the company is another step to secure the future now.

For organizational and process-related reasons only a completely new building comes into question. The shift of the business unit plastics and pharmaceutical production to Endingen offers space in Bahlingen for the mold shop. Additionally a further expansion of the existing development center is possible to make it more customer-oriented.

Since 2010 Braunform has been in contact with the commune of Bahlingen regarding the acquisition of new extension areas. Although the community has used to remain Braunform in Bahlingen and has supported the company in their search, the project would have been impossible because of building restrictions as well as nature conservation and environmental regulations. 

The company has now acquired a large property in Endingen approximately 7 kilometers from Bahlingen, which also offers room for further growth in the future and fulfills the desire to remain in the region of Kaiserstuhl.

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