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New rotary table concept

Braunform classic line / Braunform vision line


The new rotary table concept of Braunform GmbH offers many advantages to customers. While the “Braunform classic line” offers the best value for money without special options the “Braunform vision line” leaves nothing to be desired.

The rotary table technique of Braunform offers all opportunities to work with multi-component tools, yet more imaginative, faster and more efficiently, and this in continuous use over years. An excellent investment - and for good reason: The enduring quality of the rotary table with an accompanying low maintenance requirement results in long operating times and reduces costly downtimes and maintenance intervals.

The water connectors positioned at the front side of the turning plate result in a standard flexible water supply. As an option a direct transfer to the tool is possible. Furthermore, tool changing without adapter is easy as no special adaption of the tool on the turntable is necessary. This is fast and efficient. And not to forget: as standard the long lasting rotary table of Braunform offers characteristics such as short turning times, a very low profile, high coolant flow, an integrated self-lubricating system or a covered turning cross. Since 1990 Braunform has developed an extremely efficient system that allows customers to save costs.

The new rotary table concept provides a breakdown of the program into Braunform classic line and Braunform vision line. The classic line up to BRT 1000 shows in the usual high quality and disposes of a selection of six standardized media delivery systems. Alternatively, you can choose between a hydraulic and servo motor. The best value for money is guaranteed. The Braunform vision line includes all rotary tables with additional options on request and includes the series BRT 1100 to 1400.

Due to a wide range of options and choices amongst others an electrical signal transmission or additional media supplies an individually perfectly adapted rotary table can be configured. This rotary table package is completed by the individual customer service.

The offer ranges from efficient design, engineering and functional testing to assembly drawings and spare parts service. An operating and maintenance manual is mandatory. For consultation or a detailed quotation an inquiry form and 3D models are at your disposal at the Braunform website. In addition, on FAKUMA 2012 in Friedrichshafen freshly printed brochures can be taken.

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